BLACKNOSE offers your organisation a wide variety of deployment options. Our specialised divisions can provide security and canine solutions, for example, in the field of narcotics or explosives countermeasures. We operate discretely and efficiently to establish a secure environment.

Explosives detection

BLACKNOSE elite explosive detection dog units operate most productive and efficient to detect explosives like Improvised Explosive Devices, Mines or Person Borne Explosives. Through order and structure, we work together as a team to ensure the area is declared safe.

Narcotics detection

BLACKNOSE narcotic detection dog units are highly trained and capable of identifying a specific quantity of narcotics. Our units are continuously maintained with the most efficient training programmes based on the latest doctrines.

Electronics detection

BLACKNOSE electronics detection dog units are experts in identifying electronic devices. We assist in fast and efficient premises and area searches, for example, for storage devices or counterintelligence (e.g. digital eavesdropping devices). In this field, time is your enemy.

Security Officer and Hostess

Unfortunately, we live in a threatful world. The risks may come from the outside or be internal. In both cases, both you and your clients are in danger. BLACKNOSE specialises in security and defence in high-risk areas. It is our duty and daily job to secure and maintain safety.

Events and crowd control

Whether your organisation welcomes big crowds daily or you occasionally organise a seminar, conference or other events with a big audience, BLACKNOSE can provide security by clearing the premises for explosives, scanning guests on narcotics and explosives (e.g. firearms, ammunition,
pyrotechnics) and monitoring security.

Canine Patrol

BLACKNOSE canine patrol units will ensure your safety and secure your premises and ground during your absence. The canine patrol unit can search, detain, and, when necessary, physically subdue violent, combative subjects.

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