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My story

Growing up in a war affected area, I wanted to find peace among the chaos. That peace was the animals, and it still is. My name is Bnar Gurdji, and I was born in NorthernIraq. My family moved to the Netherlands to escape the war and this country which sheltered us when we were most vulnerable became my new homeland. Since childhood I knew defence and security were my future as I did not want others to live through the anxiety, uncertainty and pain brought forward by war. I knew I wanted to contribute to the safety and peacekeeping of the world. As I started my journey to reach my goal, my ambition and my love for animals converged to introduce me to my passion: Canine. And so, my adventure began. At the age of 20 I became an Explosive Detection Dog Handler. In time, I became a trainer and I continued in this position until January 2018, at which point I started BLACKNOSE company. BLACKNOSE company incorporates what I, in my more than 13 years of experience in handling military dogs, find is missing in Canine training. I always thought there should be higher requirements to the Canine training and deployment, and less commercialism. With BLACKNOSE, I established a company that adheres to strict and high level of training, focusing on quality and accuracy.

What we are all about

BLACKNOSE provides high-level canine- and security solutions for governments and private industries. Our elite detection dog teams offer explosives, narcotics, medical, invasive species and other (see “Fully trained BLACKNOSES”) countermeasures.

In addition, we offer consultancy and top-class canine training programmes to improve the skills of canine units. We can also develop a canine unit from scratch by teaching them the skills to be deployed themselves for a relevant threat. These programmes are based on the most recent science. We go where science takes us; tomorrow won’t be like today.

Furthermore, we are establishing a strong canine intelligence agency. By creating a globally connected knowledge base for detection dog trainers, we aim for knowledge exchange and, therefore, more quality worldwide.

By doing so, we are protecting and defending our freedom and the right to live our way. BLACKNOSE is here to make the world safer.

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