For detection research and projects, BLACKNOSE is a reliable partner. Alone you can be fast, and together we can go far. We have a dedicated team of trainers and handlers who are ready to bring change to the world.

Guest lecturer

By giving guest lectures, BLACKNOSE would like to share our knowledge and inspire the professionals of tomorrow.


BLACKNOSE is available to contribute to research with regards to canine detection and behaviour.

Pilot projects

BLACKNOSE is available to help you examine the feasibility of a new approach in the field of canine detection.

Canine deployment

If security is paramount, BLACKNOSE can provide just that by check the area for drugs, large sums of money and explosives/firearms & ammunition.


BLACKNOSE provides you with a tailormade solution for the safety issues you face or want to prevent In your organisation.

Events and crowd control

Whether you organise an Open Day, an Alumni weekend, a TEDstyle talk or other events with a big audience, BLACKNOSE can provide security by clearing the premises for explosives, scanning guests on narcotics and explosives (e.g. firearms, ammunition, pyrotechnics) or monitoring security.

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